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Inside me a lunatic sings

"I make a wish and close my eyes... Yes do that, a silly dance... All is forgotten for a moment and yet begins... Open your eyes... Oh no." Inside me a lunatic sings, Sigur Rós Texto original: "Ég óska mér og loka nú augunum Já gerðu það, lágfara dans Allt gleymist í smásmá stund og rætist samt Opna augun Ó nei" Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur, Sigur Rós  

Guiding Light

"There's sunshine trapped in our hearts... It could rise again... But I'm lost, and crushed, and cold, and confused... With no guiding light left inside... You were my guiding light..." Guiding Light, Muse    

One step inside doesn't mean you understand

"In your world my feet are out of step... And my arms won't move, my hands won't grab... I will never read your stupid map... So don't call me incomplete... You're the freak." One step inside doesn't mean you understand, The Notwist Las figuras son obra de Óscar Muñoz.