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Música da capo

Una vez más el listado de lo oído compulsivamente durante el año. Espero no se aburran (que yo no lo he hecho).

10. Dido, Look No Further

9. Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria da Capo

8. Jack Johnson, All At Once

7. The Beatles, Every Little Thing

6. Radiohead, Nude

5. Bon Iver, Lump Sum

4. Wir sind Helden, Alles

3. Wir sind Helden, Bring mich nach Hause

2. James Blunt, You're Beautiful

1. Bon Iver, Flume

Lotus Flower


Ojalá Dios / Hoffentlich Gott / Hopefully God

Passing Song

"In my defence, what is there to say? We destroy the love, it's our way. We never listen enough, never face the truth. Then like a passing song, love is here and then it's gone." In my Defence, Freddie Mercury



The Life of Mind

"No alarms and no surprises. No alarms and no surprises. No alarms and no surprises... Please." No Surprises, Radiohead

In the Background: A painting of David Manzur.


Me in You

"There's a little bit of me inside you gathering what you've lost. But there's a little bit of you in everyone can never keep a secret" Me in You, Kings of Convenience