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Fall to Come

"How clear under the trees, How softly the music flows, Rippling from one still pool to another Into the lake of silence." A Melody by Scarlatti, Aldous Huxley


como la luz... que a veces ilumina nuestra alma / wie das Licht... das manchmal unsere Seele beleuchtet


"... life is bigger, it's bigger than you. And you are not me. The lengths that I will go to... the distance in your eyes." Losing My Religion, R.E.M.

A Dream

"Ah! What is not a dream by day To him whose eyes are cast On things around him with a ray Turned back upon the past?" A Dream, Edgar Allan Poe

Another Side

"I’m gonna to have to run away. I’m sure that I belong some other place. I’ve seen another side of all I’ve seen... It keeps me wondering where my family is. It’s hard enough to see the world as it is, and hold on anything, without these quiet times coming round here." Quiet Times, Dido


"The so many territories ready to reform. Don't let it form us... the creature fear." Creature Fear, Bon Iver


Sentarse y contar la misma historia de siempre. Pero como nunca antes nadie la había contado. Con los matices de esta vida. Hablar sobre alguien que no conocía la amistad, a pesar de desearla ardientemente. Y que no sabía que la amistad lo buscaba. Esa noche recibió una llamada. / Die selbe und übliche Geschichte zu erzählen. Das aber wie niemand davor diese Geschichte erzählt hätte. Mit den Nuancen dieses Lebens. Etwas über einen Mann, der die Freundschaft nie erlebt hätte, obwohl er sie leidenschaftlich gewollt hätte, und der von der Freundschaft gesucht wurde. Diese Nacht hat er einen Anruf bekommen.


"La soledad también es un estado muy peculiar... a veces se presenta como una selva, llena de peligros y de sorpresas [...]. La soledad es un lugar lleno de secretos, como la selva." El Último Encuentro, Sándor Márai (trad. Judit Xantus Szarvas)


"[Love] is always poor, and anything but tender and fair, as the many imagine him; and he is rough and squalid, and has no shoes, nor a house to dwell in; on the bare earth exposed he lies under the open heaven, in-the streets, or at the doors of houses, taking his rest; and like his mother he is always in distress. Like his father too, whom he also partly resembles, he is always plotting against the fair and good; he is bold, enterprising, strong, a mighty hunter, always weaving some intrigue or other, keen in the pursuit of wisdom, fertile in resources; a philosopher at all times, terrible as an enchanter, sorcerer, sophist. He is by nature neither mortal nor immortal, but alive and flourishing at one moment when he is in plenty, and dead at another moment, and again alive by reason of his father's nature." Symposium, Plato (trad. Benjamin Jowett)


"And in the end, we lie awake and we dream to make our escape." Death and all his friends, Coldplay