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"Miro al sol que sale... que se sale para así viajar" Mazandarán, Andrés Gualdrón y Los Animales Blancos

Happiness is a warm gun

"Happiness is a warm gun -bang bang shoot shoot- Happiness is a warm gun... yes it is -bang bang shoot shoot-" Happiness is a warm gun, The Beatles

Paranoid Android

"You don't remember... You don't remember... Why don't you remember my name?!" Paranoid Android, Radiohead

Froh dabei zu sein

"Ich hab furchtbar Angst vor'm Tod...  ich hoffe, ich bin dort nicht allein...  auch wenn das Leben manchmal traurig ist, bin ich froh, froh dabei zu sein. Da da da da da da, da da da da da." Froh dabei zu sein, Philipp Poisel

Climbing up the walls

"That either way he turns... I'll be there. -Open up your skull... I'll be there. -Climbing up the walls." Climbing Up The Walls, Radiohead

Paraíso Prometido

"Es duro subir las cuestas y bajar por las pendientes...  cruzar las turbias corrientes que nadie quiere cruzar". Paraíso Prometido, Robi Draco Rosa