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"I'm the invisible man... Incredible how you can see right through me. Watch me! I'm the invisible man... It's criminal how I can see right through you. Look at me!" The Invisible Man, Queen


"When she was just a girl she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach. So she ran away in her sleep, dreamed of paradise." Paradise, Coldplay


"I pick a moon dog... Well, you can radiate everything you are... Yes! You can radiate everything you are!" Dig a Pony, The Beatles

Into the Sea

"Wash it far. Push it out to sea. There's nothing left here for me. I watch it lift up to the sky, I watch it crush me and then I die." The Sky is Broken, Moby


"Empty spaces... what are we living for? Abandoned places... I guess we know the score... On and on! Does anybody know what we are looking for?" The Show Must Go On, Queen


"You paint yourself white and feel up with noise, but there'll be something missing." Nude, Radiohead

Árbol Eléctrico

Falling Life

"Altogether, the task of estimating the length of human life (of animals' we presume not to speak) is beyond our capacity, for directly we say that it is ages long, we are reminded that it is briefer than the fall of a rose leaf to the ground. Of the two forces which alternately, and what is more confusing still, at the same moment, dominate our unfortunate numbskulls - brevity and diuturnity - Orlando was sometimes under the influence of the elefant-footed deity, then of the gnat-winged fly. Life seemed to him of prodigious length. Yet even so, it went like a flash." Orlando,Virginia Woolf


"One thousand words in years. A thousand years which tell the whole story.  No one sees, behind empty words there's always something. The last tears shed, I wipe them off.  The last years of a lifetime." Heima, Sigur Rós


"Was unter Schmerzen geboren wird muss unter Schmerzen verloren gehen." Nichts was wir tun könnten, Wir sind Helden


"All the lonely people Where do they all come from? All the lonely people Where do they all belong?" Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles

Hanging Around

"You know where you are with... Floor collapsing, falling, bouncing back and one day I’m gonna grow wings [...]" Let Down, Radiohead