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Human Patterns

"When you look at the world, what is it that you see? People find all kinds of things that bring them to their knees. I see an expression, so clear and so true, that changes the atmosphere when you walk (in)to the room." When I look at the world, U2


"Te regalo mi sol, mi luz, mi playa. Te comparto mi dicha y mi pesar. ... Te regalo mis fotos preferidas. Te comparto mi humana condición." Mi Playa, Ely Guerra

San Sebastián

"Es larga la carretera que conduce a ningun lado... pasaporte prestado... pocas ganas de hablar.  Es duro subir las cuestas y bajar por las pendientes, cruzar las turbias corrientes que nadie quiere cruzar.  Pero hay que llegar...  hay que llegar al fin del mundo, al paraiso prometido." Paraíso Prometido, Robi Draco Rosa


"The world has its ways to quiet us down... comes the rain... down comes our spirits again, but down comes the strength to lift us up and then." Losing Keys, Jack Johnson



"I have left a million stars, and an ocean so lightly and clearly blue. And I have left the warmth of the sun and a million adventures not yet begun." Northern Skies, Dido